Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adsense Alternative Bidvertiser

Adsense is the preferred method for monetizing websites and blogs because it has good payout rate and large number of advertisers that offer ads for any niche. However, what if you don’t have an adsense account or you account was banned for some reason. In case you don’t have adsense account you  can start making money using one of Adsense alternatives. One of the best Adsense alternatives is Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser is an advertising network that is similar to Adsense and pays everytime visitors click on their ads. Unlike Adsense to get approved as a Bidvertiser publisher is much easier. You can apply for a publisher account even with a new blog on your own domain of in a subdomain.

After your publisher application has been approve you can start making money publishing Bidvertiser ads on your website/blog. There are several types of ad formats you can use:

-          Banners: Full banner(468x60) and Leaderboard(728x90)
-          Skyscraper(120x600) and Wide Skyscraper(160x600)
-          Inline ads
-          Mobile ads(300x50)
-          Medium Rectangle(300x250) and Large Rectangle(336x280)

How much money you will earn from Didvertiser depends on several things but most of all on the number of visitors. The more people that visit your site the higher the probability someone will click on ads and you will earn money. Other factor that determines your earnings is how much the advertisers are bidding for advertising space on your blog. Depending on the that you will earn somewhere around $0.05 to $0.30 per click.

Bidvertiser pays the publishers using Paypal and Check. To be paid by Paypal you will need a minimum amout of $10 before your payment is released. If you choose to be paid by check then you will need to have accumulatedat least $100 in your publisher account.

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Oligador said...

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Oligador said...

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