Sunday, September 15, 2013

How To Make Real Money Online With Blogger

Making money online with a blog is a legitimate earning opportunity. You can make real money online with a blog by selling advertisements and affiliate products. The best things about blogs is they are very cheap to create and even free but can bring great profits once they are established and have lots of traffic.

If you want to make real money online and love to write than you can create a blog for free using a free blogging platform called Blogger. Blogger is a service owned by Google and is very easy to use. Even total newbie with little technical knowledge can start a blog and late start making money by monetizing their traffic.

To get started with Blogger is very easy. To create your blog just go their homepage and sign up. Because Blogger is owned by Google you can log in if you already have an account. If you open Blogger account then the you can use that account for all Google services.

Before creating  a blog you will need to pick a name for your blog and decide what you want to write about. Once you enter your blog name your blog url will look like this

After choosing a name you will also need to choose a template for your blog. There are many templates available from which you can choose one and customize it even further by choosing a color theme, background, adjusting columns etc. until it looks like the way you want it to look.

After your blog is all set you should start publishing posts. To write a new post click on new post and write a title and start writing your post. You should research keywords you can use in your blog content in order to drive more traffic from the search engines, but most importantly write posts that are original and contain some  useful information for the readers.

Your blog needs to have several posts before you can monetize it. You can make money with your free blog on Blogger using Adsense ads and affiliate links. To start making money you will also need to join Google AdSense and Amazon associates.  After you join them you can monetize your blog by placing advertisements and make money every time someone clicks on Adsense ads or buys something from Amazon.

Blog are real and legitimate way to make money online. Blogger is a free blogging platform that is easy to use and make money with a blog. When you open a blogger account you can create more than one blog and make money


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