Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make Real Money Online Writing For Revenue Sharing Websites

If you love to write than you can put your passion to good use and make real money online writing for revenue sharing websites. Joining is free and all you need to do is write article and publish them and receive portion of the advertising earnings from the pages where your content is published. To start earning money from revenue sharing websites you will need two thing :  

  • To open an account on on or more revenue sharing website. You can do this for free, all you will need is to fill out a form and email address.  
  • GoogleAdSense account. Opening an Adsense account usually will take some time before your application is reviewed and accepted. There are other ad networks that revenue sharing websites use to make money from like Chitika and Amazon but AdSense is most popular so having your AdSense account is a must. Some websites will hep you with your application once you have content submitted and approved. This is the case with Webanswers, a question and answer revenue sharing site which will help you open Adsense account once you have 50 posted and approved answers.

 Revenue sharing websites pay 50 % share of the earnings and more to the people who publish their articles there. You don’t receive payment by the them by Google once your earnings reach minimum payment amount. You can write about anything you like. Most revenue sharing websites allow you to publish content about anything you want. Food, Lifestyle, Art, Technology, Business, Politics, Entertainment and other categories as long as it’s compliant with Google AdSense terms. 

 Here is a list of revenue sharing websites you can join: 

  • Infobarrel – pays 75% to the publishers 
  • Bukisa – pays 60 % share to the people who publish their articles there.
  • Seekyt – rewards writers with 70% of the advertising revenue Snipsly – pays 80% share to the writers. 
  • ShetoldMe – 100% share to the writers.
  • Xomba – rewards writers with 50% of the revenue.
  • Snipsly - you can keep 80% share of the ad revenue

   These are only some of the large number of revenue sharing websites you can find online and create a passive online income stream that will make money for you for long time in the future. Join now and start making money while you sleep.


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