Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to Make Money Online Reviewing Products and Services

Get paid to review sites are one of the fun and relatively easy way to make real money online. Get paid to review sites pay to anyone that is interested in contributing their reviews of products, movies, books, games and just about anything.  In many things it’s similar to surveys or mystery shopping, reviewers are paid for their reviews of products that they use.  Reviews help companies understand what consumers think about their products and how can they improve them. Reviews also help consumers decide on which product to purchase to satisfy their needs.

Review me – to join Review me you must own a blog and apply to join. If your application is approved your blog is available to the advertiser which choose themselves which blog they want  to review their products or services

Reviewstream – is one of the best known pat to review sites. You can submit your reviews on just about anything: electronics hotels, websites, movies and get paid for it.

Sharedreviews – is a get paid to review website that doesn’t pay fixed price for a review but the contributor gets to keep 50% of the revenue generated by his reviews. You can also earn percent of the advertising revenue when you vote for other members reviews.

Rateitall – pays its contributors 50% of the advertising revenue generated by them. You can write reviews on anything you want, restaurants, toys, movies, books etc.

Epinions – is aother great site where you can make money online by reviewing products.  For your reviews you will earn “Eroyalties credits” which you can later redeem for real money.

Softwarejudge-  You can get paid as much as $50 dollars for a software review that you write. Once you are member of software judge you can select  from a list of software’s the one you wish to write review about

Shvoong – pays it’s contributors a share of the ad revenue generated by their reviews. Shvoong accepts reviews on written publications such as books, websites etc.


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