Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Can Writers Make Money Online

Today thanks to the internet there are many money making opportunities for writers.  There is a saying “Content is king” which best describes the importance of quality content. Search engines like Google love quality and unique content and  well written content helps more than anything website rank high   and get a lot of visitors from search engine such as Google.   While no one fully understands Google algorithm for ranking websites, one thing is  sure, Google likes unique content. 

This is the reason why many webmasters and bloggers are willing to pay a good price to writers to write for them. There are billions of websites and blogs online and they all are in constant demand for new content.

Another  great advantage is that previous experience is   not necessary to start making money online writing, by all means it helps if you have writing experience but it's not necessary. All potential writers can find writing gigs online if they are willing to put the necessary time and effort. Writing as a way to make money online has many benefits such as :

  •  Ability to work on your own time and schedule
  • You don’t need and office or expensive equipment, all you need is a computer  connected to internet.
  • You can choose the topic you want to write about.
  • You can choose how you want to be paid, one time payment or passive income.
These are just some of the many benefits .  If you want to start making money online all you have to do is just  jump in. You go into writing for revenue sharing sites, for upfront payment or you can start your own blog and monetize it.

Writing for revenue sharing sites

Revenue sharing sites are legitimate way for writers to make money online.  These websites offer passive income to their contributors mostly through Google AdSense or affiliate networks such Amazon, so you will need to join them as well.  What you need to do is write an article and publish it on one of these revenue sharing sites. Then when readers visit your articles there are also ads from AdSense and other networks placed on same webpage, and when a visitor clicks on them or purchase something you make money.  Your ads are displayed around 50% off the time so out of 100 readers of your articles at least 50 of them will see your AdSense ads and it is you who will make money from AdSense when they click on them.
Here are some of many revenue sharing sites:

HubPages – is one of the best revenue sharing sites on internet.  Writers can write their articles called “hubs” on any topic they want and publish it on HubPages. Writers make money on HubPages  with Google AdSense and affiliate network ads. Also there is referral program.

Infobarrel – another great site. Simply write articles about any topic that interests you and earn passive income through AdSense, Amazon Associates and Chitika.

Seekyt – revenue sharing site.  Writers can write about anything they like and make money with Google AdSense.

Bukisa – write articles and make money from Google AdSense or Chitika

Triond – write and submit your articles. Writers earn 50% from the revenue generated by their content.

ExpertsColumn – another way for writers to make passive income online. Unlike others pays money based on number  views that your articles receive.  The pay rate is normally $1.50 per 1000 views.

Squidoo – one of the best and most respected revenue sites.  Writers write their articles called “lens” and make money from Google adsense, Amazon, Zazzle etc. 

Upfront payment writing websites.

These websites are also a good way writers can make money online.  You are simple paid a predetermined amount of money for every article you write.  All you have to do is join them and pick a job that is posted by requesters and when you finish the work you submit it to the customers for review and if your work is accepted  you get paid for your effort.  There are number of sites where you can make money writing this way:

TextBroker –  great site where writers can make money online. Payments are in range from 0.7 cents per word to 5.0 cents per word depending on the quality.

iWriter – Writer get paid anywhere from $1.6 up to $15+ depending on the number of words in the article and the “type” of writer they are. There are Standard, Premium and Elite type of writers. Payments are processed through PayPal.

Grabawriter – the writer register, edit their profile and set their price for 100 words. Ater that they start receiving invitations from interested customers. Payments are made through PayPal and Western Union.

Academia Research –  one of the highest paying sites. Writers are paid from $6 to $20 dollars per page. Payments are sent to E-Gold and PayPal account.

Freelance websites – Customers post their projects and then writers place their bid. If you are selected you complete the work and if the customer accepts you work you are paid. There are many freelancing websites. Some of them are,, iFreelance,,

Job listing on forums and blogs – you can find writing opportunities listed on forums. One of them is WarriorForum. You can find writing job listings on Problogger jobs section.  By searching job boards on Warrior Forum and Problogger or similar sites you can find even longer term  projects not just for a limited number of articles.

Task and services sites – writers can post the service they are offering for a fixed price. A good example for this kind of sites is Fiverr and Dollar3

How can writers make money online with their own blog

Writters can also start their own blogs and make money by monetizing them. They can choose register their own domain and buy webhosting for a few dollars per month, or open an account on a free blogging platforms such as Blogger.  Writers can monetize their blog by displaying ads from advertising networks such as Google AdSense or affiliate networks like Amazon Associates or eBay.


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